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Frequently Asked Questions

If you are searching for a family dentist in West Perth, WA, we welcome you to contact Western Prosthodontic Centre. While small children might feel more comfortable in a Paediatric dental clinic, our dentists and clinical professionals are experienced in treating patients of all ages with the aim to support good oral health that lasts a lifetime.

Each age group of patients faces their unique challenges. Dr Brad Shepherd will customise your dentistry to suit your changing health and goals for your smile.

Teens – Teens often require wisdom teeth evaluation and an orthodontic evaluation to see if braces are in order. We also help by educating teens and helping them stay motivated when it comes to looking after their own smiles.

Adults – As our bodies age, our teeth do as well. Adults commonly face broken or worn down teeth that require dental crowns, and adults are not immune to dental decay.

Expecting mums – Pregnancy brings changing hormones, which can impact the gums. Pregnancy gingivitis is a common, but manageable condition.

Seniors – Gum disease risks increase with age and are exacerbated by dry mouth and reduced dexterity. We strive to help our senior patients enjoy healthy smiles long into their golden years.

For family dentistry in West Perth, WA, contact our dental clinic to arrange a booking.

Men at Dentist | Western Prosthodontic Centre Patient comfort is essential and one of our main priorities. Our clinical practitioners realise that pain-free dentistry is important to our patients and use the latest techniques to deliver comfortable care in a safe and friendly environment. We understand that sometimes patients experience anxiety when it comes to dental procedures. Because we are a private practice, we can spend time with patients, understanding what they need to feel confident and relaxed while with us.

From the moment you walk into our clinic and you are welcomed with a smile and warm greeting, we hope you will notice the difference in the care you receive at Western Prosthodontic Centre.

Not only do we support the choices patients make regarding their oral health, we also believe you are the one in charge while you’re in the chair. If at any time you feel uncomfortable or need a short break, you can alert us and we will stop straight away. Once you feel ready, we will complete your procedure.

Our dentists’ open communication style and gentle approach to dentistry make it possible for even the most fearful patients to finally proceed with treatment. We will always provide care at your pace with your wellbeing in mind.

Our dedicated and experienced team, led by Dr Bradley Shepherd, designs a course of treatment that reflects your individual needs. Learn more about us and our experience.

Your first consultation appointment will include a general assessment and discussion of your dental treatment options to indicate the scope of options available to you. In this process, it may become apparent that other specialist referrals are required to ensure that all information is gathered prior to determining a definitive plan of treatment.

Should you wish to proceed with any form of treatment, a detailed dental and facial assessment in combination with other data is required to formulate the final plan. We would then see you for treatment discussion and confirmation of timing, costs and schedules.

Yes. We offer on-site parking underneath the building, which can be accessed from Murray Street.

Credit Card and Laptop | Western Prosthodontic Centre At Western Prosthodontic Centre, we recognise that each patient is unique and approach dentistry with a personalised approach designed for your specific needs. While we can estimate the cost of a standard procedure, many factors affect the overall cost of treatment.

It is because of these variables that we recommend a comprehensive evaluation to determine dental conditions, treatment options and costs based on your individual oral health needs. Health funds cover treatment in varying degrees and is an entirely personal relationship so any queries must be directed to the health fund on an individual basis

Before we begin treatment, we will provide a treatment cost analysis. If you have concerns about fitting your dental care into your budget, we offer a number of alternatives.

Treatment phases – Our dentists can divide necessary dental treatment into phases, managing immediate conditions first so that patients can reduce the likelihood of continued oral disease or worsening of symptoms.

For specific information regarding the cost of your dental treatment, we welcome you to call the surgery for further clarification. 

Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.