Root Canal Treatment West Perth, WA

Root canal therapy is an advanced treatment used to save an infected or diseased tooth. We understand that many patients dread the idea of a root canal, but the procedure's negative reputation is unfounded. Pain comes from the infected tooth itself, not the treatment.

At Western Prosthodontic Centre, we provide gentle and precise root canal treatment that can save natural teeth from extraction and allow the healing process to begin.

Why Root Canals Become Necessary

Infections can develop anywhere inside the body, including the tiny canals within teeth that house the nerves. When this occurs, inflammation and pain are often the first indications of a problem.

Other symptoms that may indicate the need for root canal treatment include:

  • Discolouration of the tooth
  • A small bump or lesion on the gums
  • Sensitivity to hot or cold
  • Pain when applying pressure or chewing
  • Facial or jaw pain

Leaving an infected tooth untreated can lead to worsening symptoms and tooth loss. If you experience a toothache, we welcome you to contact us straight away and we will treat you as quickly as possible.

An x-ray, along with other simple tests, will be necessary to determine if root canal therapy is the appropriate treatment.

Root Canal Procedure

We will always make sure that you are completely comfortable before beginning any treatment. Dr Matthew Kinsella is known for his gentle nature and compassionate approach to treatment. 

He will make a small access point to clean out the tooth and remove any diseased tissue and bacteria to assist with healing before filling the canal and sealing the tooth. Root canal treatment supports the body’s natural capability to heal, and most patients begin feeling improvement shortly after their procedure.

Post-Root Canal Care

After your procedure, it is normal to feel some sensitivity for a few days as inflammation gradually decreases and your tooth heals. Within about a week, you should feel dramatically better and symptoms should subside.

Because we remove the nerve from the tooth, it will be more brittle and need the protection of a dental crown to absorb the force from chewing. A crown covers the entire tooth structure and protects it from splitting or fractures. At WPC, we offer aesthetic and durable ceramic crowns created in our in-house dental lab to ensure the highest quality.

Root canal treatment combined with a dental crown can add decades to the life of your tooth.

Why Saving Teeth Is Important

Tooth loss can cause a number of dental conditions. Since the teeth and bone have a dependent relationship – tooth roots stimulate bone regeneration and the bone holds teeth in place – losing a tooth leads to bone loss, called resorption. Bone loss can cause the adjacent teeth to shift and tilt, leading to periodontal disease and continued tooth loss.

Saving natural teeth is usually the healthiest and most economical way to maintain a healthy smile.

Do You Have a Toothache or Inflammation?

We welcome you to contact our West Perth dental clinic to arrange an emergency booking. We will help you enjoy a healthy, comfortable smile with the customised and personal care we provide.